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There were no entries for Challenge 222 so I'm going to scrap it and put this contest on hiatus for a while. You're probably all busy, or have moved on to other things, and I've been busy writing instead of making icons lately.

I'll check back in to see if there's still any interest in this contest in a month or so.
Comm/Site: Otherworldlyrics

Challenge 222: Who Will Save Your Soul

[] Icons must fit LJ sizes: 100x100, 40kb
[] Icons must be still (not animated).
[] You can only use text from the lyrics provided. You must use at least TWO consecutive words.
[] You can submit icons for any of the participating fandoms. Images can be from screencaps, behind-the-scene photos, or promotional photos. Please see profile for a full list of fandoms and some resources.
[] Do not post your icon in your journal or any communities until after results have been announced.
[] You can enter up to 3 icons per challenge. (They can all be from the same fandom or different fandoms.) Icons must be submitted with both the image and the URL to this post. Please include fandom(s) with submission.
[] Icons are due by midnight April 8th, 2016 April 15th, 2016
[] There must be entries from at least 3 people in order to go to voting!

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